A Case Study on Gastric Cancer


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Gist of the study:

Tonsillar metastasis of gastric cancer is very rare. We report a case of tonsillar metastasis from signet ring cell gastric carcinoma. We present the case of 66-year-old man who was treated for gastric cancer in 2014. ŌĞƌ 2 years and 3 months, the ƉĂƟĞnƚ developed a loco-regional recurrence. He underwent surgery and ƉŽƐƚͲŽƉĞƌĂƟǀĞ chemotherapy. During the follow-up, 21 months ĂŌĞƌ the recurrence, the ƉĂƟĞnƚ developed pharyngeal discomfort. A mass of 4 cm was observed in the ƉĂůĂƟnĞ tonsil with mƵůƟƉůĞ cutanoeus metastases. It was diagnosed as a metastasis from gastric cancer. The ƉĂƟĞnƚ died one month later.

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