A Review on Security Attacks and Solution in Wireless Sensor Networks


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Advanced technologies have made possibilities to evolve tinysensor nodes with compact hardware at very low prices. It issuitable to form a wireless sensor network (WSN), which is self-organized and self-healing network consist of dense or smallnumber of sensor nodes, to remote and even hostile areas toperform certain monitoring tasks. For example, reconnaissanceof battlefield, surveillance of coast and border, rescue andsearch, outer space and deep ocean exploration, monitors levelof pollution,traffic integral structural of buildings. Some otherapplications are, sensing of climate, office control, and sensinghome environments like light, temperature and moisture. InWSN the collected data is not directly transmit to the user,indeed, sensed data is initially aggregated and then transmit .A WSN consist of sink, base station or gateway, which connect allthe nodes with each other to form a network and should beconnected to end user.

 At the sensor node data is compressedand then transmitted to sink or base station, due to which enduser can see the results of an activity . Sometimes datapackets are sent to the user terminal via multiple intermediatenodes. This type of transmission is known as multi-hoptransmission.The wireless sensor node having limited resources, however,the objective is to achieve goals with minimum energyconsumption, usage of minimum memory and less computationcost.

Moreover, these nodes are self-healing and self-organizeinto network to co-operate for sensing/aggregation of particularinformation or execution of specificactivity. Since, these sensornodes are usually working in harsh and unattended environmentwithout any protection, and wireless media is used forcommunication by sensor nodes. Thus they are unprotected to avast range of attacks. WSN applications should be secured inspecific number of all criticalapplications; the data exchangedamong WSN nodes need superior level of security. In some ofmilitary applications, number of sensor nodes co-operate witheach other for target tracking .

 Hence, the exchange ofinformation among these nodes is related to the target position.The operation of this application can disturb by attackersinjecting false message. In application like medical, the collectedinformation of patient by sensor nodes kept protected andconfidential. Secure network communication may alsoimportant for the privacy of location, which is major factor inmilitary application, animal monitoring and homeland securityapplications.

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