A Role for Placental Mast Cells in Normal and Complicated Pregnancy



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We are delighted to share one of our recent published scientific communications with you titled “A Role for Placental Mast Cells in Normal and Complicated Pregnancy”. The corresponding author Dr. Mezouar S has well demonstrated his research work and the following abstract says it:


Mast cells are oftenn categorized as the main actors of allergy disorders, however their involvement in innate and adaptive immunity is being increasingly recognized. According to their location, mast cells exhibit tissue-specific phenotypes and functions. Uterine mast cells are well documented as key regulators of implantation, placentation and fetal growth throughout pregnancy, but the role of placental mast cells remains obscure. The present review provides an overview of current knowledge of placental mast cells in terms of location physiology and functions in normal and complicated pregnancy.

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