Covid-19: We can’t fight with vaccine


There's been so much expression of hope and optimism for a COVID-19 vaccine. Currently, researchers are working on about 100 vaccines. Vaccines, as we know it, stimulate the immune system to produce antibodies that will fight against a particular disease. But the question is, "what if the vaccines in the works now won't work?" “What if after the development of a vaccine people resist it?” Vaccine development is a rigorous one and takes years to come through. Reliance on the manufacture and subsequent use of the COVID-19 vaccine could be a catastrophic failure if we don't have a robust national strategy and plan to combat this virus. It has already been shown that the US has no national strategy for COVID-19. Rather, the federal government has punted the ball to the states.

Wearing of facemask is one crucial behavior we must adhere to. We have to continually put on our facemasks as at when appropriate. This protects that cancer-ridden child from getting infected by our bad behavior. It shields the elderly from being exposed. It protects the immuno-deficient from contacting COVID-19. Wearing of facemask is not just about us but more about others. Social distancing is another variable. Given the fact that asymptomatic people do spread this virus, it is important that we stay 6-feet apart from each other. You don’t know who has the virus. We are not walking about with a COVID-19-free certificate. And there’s nothing like that because you can test negative today and the next day you test positive. Hand washing is another behavior we must adhere to in other to stop the spread of this virus. This may sound like an old record and minutiae but it is important. We should avoid crowds of more than 10 people. Don't go to pool parties or sunbathing on the beach or attend church service. Skip that graduation ceremony, birthday parties, and village meetings for now.

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