Manuscript Submission Guidelines for Authors


Article submissions should be done using the online Editor Manager System or through E-mail IDs provided at the respective journal’s site.

when you have got altered your paper in mild of the peer reviewer’s comments and you've got written a masking letter to the editor explaining the adjustments you made or refuting the reviewer’s comments, you are prepared to resubmit.

Try to resubmit as quickly as you can. Generally, this makes it simpler to do because the paper is still fresh on your mind. The scientific world actions very quickly so that you want your work posted before someone else produces similar work. Once you have resubmitted you will see the fame of the paper modified within a particular span of time. If you don’t see this or don’t acquire any acknowledgment of your resubmission, please test with the Editorial staff and verify the receipt of the article by the Editorial Office.

Submission Guidelines


Any manuscript submitted to any IMedPub LTD journal must be original. The manuscript, or substantial parts of it, must not be under consideration by any other journal/publisher.
In any case where there is the potential for overlap or duplication transparency from the authors is mandatory. Any potentially overlapping publications should be declared on submission and, where possible, uploaded as additional files with the manuscript. Any overlapping publications should be cited. The Editors of IMedPub LTD journals reserve the right to judge potentially overlapping or redundant publications on a case-by-case basis.

Most articles published in IMedPub LTD Journals will be organized into the following sections: title, authors, affiliations, abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion, references, acknowledgments, figure legends and table captions. Uniformity in format will help readers and users of the journal. We recognize, however, this format is not ideal for all types of studies. If you have a manuscript that would benefit from a different format, please contact the editors to discuss this further. Although, we have no firm length restrictions for the entire manuscript or individual sections, we urge authors to present and discuss their findings concisely along with maintenance of a logical flow.

The title should be specific to the study yet concise, and should allow sensitive and specific electronic retrieval of the article. It should be comprehensible to readers outside your field. Avoid specialist abbreviations if possible. Titles should be presented in title case, meaning, all words except for prepositions, articles, and conjunctions should be capitalized. If the paper is a randomized controlled trial or a meta-analysis, this description should be in the title. Examples: “Flood Effects on Water Quality and Benthic Fauna Diversity in the Upper Chao Phraya River and the Lower Ping and Nan Rivers, Thailand”. Please also provide a brief "running head" of approximately 40 characters.

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Managing Editor,
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