Symptoms and Treatment of Dementia


Dementia symptoms: The symptom of cognitive impairment appears.

The phenomena of degradation in memory, learning ability, language function, problem-solving ability, orientation, attention and concentration, judgment, time and space perception ability and social ability occur. Personality disorder appears as a neuropsychiatric symptom.

The symptom of depression, aggression, lethargy, indifference, self-centred behaviour, anxiety, frustration, delinquency, paranoia, hallucination and delusion, delusional disorder, and insomnia appear. There is a phenomenon of functional ability impairment. As the coordination and skills of motor gradually get deteriorated, the physical activities of daily living, the instrumental activities of daily living and protection ability decline.

Treatment of dementia: Although many regions which cause dementia get stagnant or develop gradually, many ones may be left dementia status permanently. However, some can be recovered as they are reversible. Of those who suffer from dementia, if they are effectively treated, 35~50% of them may be completely healed, and their symptoms may be improved. In the end, they may recover the living ability. Recently, the symptoms of dementia can be much improved due to new therapy methods and medication, however, the brain cells which have been already damaged can't be recovered. Therefore, it can be said that there is no perfect treatment on dementia itself yet. Instead, it seems that the continuous management of hypertension and stroke, which are the main causes of dementia and the active prevention of dementia, would be important.

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