The Need for Better Data on Health Effects of Climate Change


AR5 Synthesis Report by IPCC on the potential impacts of increasing greenhouse gas concentrations and their effect on natural and human systems emphasized populations who are at increased risk of adverse consequences such as developing countries and disadvantaged people. Preparing health systems, including public health, worldwide to adapt to these future threats will avoid unnecessary morbidity and mortality. This requires research on the direct and indirect health effects of climate change impacts due to increasing temperature, extreme weather events and population displacement from sea-level rise.

By analyzing past events on a sub-regional, regional as well as global scale models can be developed that predict who is most at risk for what health impacts in the future. Examining the current capacity of health systems in resource limited environments to respond to acute, sub-acute, and gradual health threats is also needed so that resilience and adaptation can counter our potential failure to mitigate the irreversible GHG effects our future may hold.

Integrative Journal of Global Health aims to disseminate knowledge and promote discussion through the publication of peer-reviewed, high quality papers on research which is needed to link the effects of a changing climate both temporally and spatially to human disease rates such as NCDs and infectious disease trends. The open access journal is published by Insight Medical Publishing (iMedPub) which is a comprehensive destination for the recent and the latest discoveries in the science, technology, medicine, and engineering. Established in 2005, iMedPub has been serving the scientific community relentlessly with its open access platform for publishing the research outcome to reach the global scientific fraternity.

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